Poem to Mother Earth

As Sojourners on the spiral of time

We wait for the Mother to gestate

seeds planted before the cold of this long winter

this chaotic Dark Age that seems to have no end.

We are natals waiting for the world to give birth

to its next future Being.

Soon it will be time to call for the midwives

to bring to light

a new Life

the new

the unique

the unexpected.

We are eager to celebrate the event of natality

Mother Earth. First Ancestor. Regeneratrix.

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2 Responses to Poem to Mother Earth

  1. Rainer Kirmse , Altenburg says:

    Mother Earth, another Poem:


    The earth is our mother,
    We will not have another.
    There’s no better place to find
    For animals, plants, mankind.

    Green woods, beautiful lakes,
    Nature has got what it takes.
    We have to keep clean the air,
    As environment everywhere.

    Put an end to coal mining,
    Nuclear power and fracking.
    Climate concerns all nations,
    Just as plastic in the oceans.

    For good living day and night
    Must change darkness and light.
    Our planet, so wonderful blue,
    We will always protect, we do!

    Rainer Kirmse , Altenburg

    Thuringia / Germany

    With kind regards

  2. Irene Friesen Wolfstone says:

    Thank you for your poem Rainer. Together, we protect our planet.

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