About Irene Friesen Wolfstone

I live in Pinawa, Manitoba – a small forest community in the Canadian Shield.  Pinawa is located in Treaty 1 territory,  traditionally inhabited by Ojibwe First Nation.  An ancient  culture that predates the Ojibwe left signs on this land with whom I live – signs of their deep respect for Earth as Mother.  Living with sacred land has changed me. My academic work is motivated by deep concern for my grandchildren’s future on a planet with a changing climate.  I study to understand how we got into this mess, how we can journey collectively  toward wholeness and how we can regenerate the future.

My Learning Journey

  • Bombardier scholar, doctoral student, University of Alberta 2017 – current.
  • MA – Integrated Studies (Athabasca University) 2016
  • B.A. (U.Manitoba) 1972;   Cert.Ed. (U.Manitoba) 1974;  B.Th. (CMBC) 1978.
  • Applied Counseling Certificate (U.Manitoba, Continuing Education)
  • Focusing & Complex Trauma Certificate (Prairie Region Centre for Focusing)
  • Focusing Oriented Therapist (Focusing Institute)

 Peer-Reviewed Academic Publications (selected)

  • Sharing economies and Indigenous matricultures in the Land now called Canada (forthcoming Spring 2020). Canadian Woman Studies Journal special issue on The Maternalist Gift Economy: The Hidden Alternative to Patriarchy and Capitalism.
  • Deconstructing necrophilia: Eco/feminist perspectives on the perversion of death and love (2019). Book chapter in Ana Isla (Ed.), Climate chaos: Ecofeminism and the land question. Inanna Publications.
  • Becoming ecocentric: Transgressive learning (2018).  Book chapter in L. Schultz & T. Pillay (Eds.), Global citizenship, common wealth and uncommon citizenships, pp. 191-205.  Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research, University of Alberta. doi.org/10.1163/9789004383449_013
  • Mnajdra: Cosmology of the sky. (2017). Journal of Integrated Studies, 9(1). 

Click this link to read unpublished papers: www.ualberta.academia.edu/IreneFriesenWolfstone

4 Responses to About Irene Friesen Wolfstone

  1. Dawn Work-MaKinne says:

    Irene, I was so touched by your presentation at our ASWM panel on Saturday. Would you be willing to share your PowerPoint with me? I would like to use it as a jumping off point to begin stretching my mind in some new directions! Bright and deep blessings, Dawn

    • Irene Friesen Wolfstone says:

      Hi Dawn. Thank you for your kind comments. Look for an email from wolfston@…with my presentation. I so enjoyed your presentation on Hildegard as Wisdom Keeper. It was delightful to hear a chorus of women in our audience repeating the Latin words after you played the music clip. I recommend an extraordinary CD of her music titled “The Origin of Fire”by Anonymous (2005 http://www.harmoniamundi.com). It explores her theme of “Fiery Spirit”.

  2. Lynne says:

    Irene, I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

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