No single discipline has oversight of the fields of of matricultures or matriarchal studies.  The table below indicates the genealogy of thinkers and the diversity of disciplines engaged in three theoretical approaches:

  1. socio-cultural systems theory (green box) is the dominant contemporary theory;
  2. Bachofen’s linear evolution of progress from matriarchy to patriarchy (blue box) has fallen out of use;
  3. universal patriarchy ideology (red font) has fallen out of use.

The arrows indicate influences. I apologize for the eurocentric perspective indicated here and assure my readers that my research aims to to add indigenous perspectives in order to bring balance to this schema of theoretical scholarship.

The original version, produced for my paper on Matristic Controversies (2013), draws on  J.Smeds (1987) for 19th  century influences and on Heidi Goettner-Abendroth for a feminist perspective. This version is dated April 2017 and is subject to change as my research continues.

In due time, I will conduct a literature review that narrates the three stories in this table, but for now, I point you to my page on Matriculture Theorists.