Local Climate Change Adaptations

This section features six chapter excerpts from my book-in-progress on radical literacy for local climate change adaptations.

  • Chapter 1. Regenerating: Indigenous Conditions for Cultural Continuity explores six principles that contribute to the endurance of Indigenous cultures – the cultures with the greatest longevity of all cultures
  • Chapter 2. ReMembering Past Climate Change Events  tells the story of past climate change events.  The spiral is a symbol for the pattern of regeneration and degeneration in the climate cycle
  • Chapter 3.  Recognizing the Darkness of the Modern Age, I propose that Anthropogenic Climate Change event overlaps with  The Little Ice Age climate event in Modernity, and that there was no period of regeneration between these two climate events that shape Modernity/coloniality.
  • Chapter 4. DeModernizing: Reinhabiting Land Differently
  • Chapter 5. Sharing the Generosity of the Land
  • Chapter 6. Respecting Regenerative Forces