1- Anthropogenic Climate Change

Climate Change.

How did humans make this mess?

Let’s take off our blinders and seize responsibility for making this man-made climate change event that threatens the viability of humanity’s future.

I am convinced that the ‘way out’ of the climate crisis must be different that the ‘way in’.  Capitalist greed made this mess, and getting out of this mess requires that we use our collective imaginations to design a sharing economy and a new way of living that has potential for all to flourish. Together we will disrupt capitalism’s concentration of wealth in the 1%. Together we can build a future economy that leaves no child behind, that includes woman and persons of colour, and that does not resort to violence.

Under the heading ‘Climate Change’ I will analyze the problems we created and must resolve as climate change accelerates.

Under the heading ‘Transitioning’, I will suggest small steps we can take to transgress the boundaries of capitalism and begin exploring new ways of living.

Under the heading ‘Regeneration’ I will discuss radical ideas about making more life together.  This is a paradigm shift that offers hope.  I do not doubt that radical change is required.  We must embrace the word ‘radical’ for its true meaning:  ‘going back to the roots’.

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