About my Mandala Home

mandala-homemy Terra Mandala Home

  • Constructed in 2006
  • Design and prefabricated package from Mandala Custom Homes (building envelope)
  • Quik Speks: 1250 sq. ft, 41′ diameter, slab foundation, R40 floor & ceiling, R26 walls.
  • See Facebook for a photo story.
  • Elemental design: The front door faces East (Air) to greet the morning sun.  The woodstove located in the South quadrant heats my home with Fire. In the West quadrant, I honour Water, the element of emotional fluidity, with a photo gallery of my loved ones.  In the North quadrant, the bathroom recognizes the element Earth and that we need a private place for our earthy functions. The centre of the home creates Sacred Space with a skylight, plants and artwork that honour the spiritual teachings that make meaning in my life.