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Poem to Sedna

As sojourners, we are like shamans diving into an icy underworld to make right our relationship with the Mother. We plead with Her on behalf of our people, but she is angry that her people break taboos by taking more … Continue reading

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Poem to Persephone

As sojourners, we languish in the underworld of a eurogenic Dark Age waiting for the arrival of new Life – a new beginning. Waiting, we walk the winter garden where last-year’s leaves quietly compost beneath blankets of snow renewing soil … Continue reading

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Poem to Mother Earth

As Sojourners on the spiral of time We wait for the Mother to gestate seeds planted before the cold of this long winter this chaotic Dark Age that seems to have no end. We are natals waiting for the world … Continue reading

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It is April 5, 2020 and my website has been dormant for over 2 years while I completed course requirements for my doctoral program at University of Alberta. Now as we shift paradigms due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I return … Continue reading

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