Cultural Stories

Today I began adding another layer to this website.  The cultural stories illustrate the theme of Natality through myth, ritual, sign and symbol.  I include many images to create a mood, and where possible, I also add a video link or poetry.  This layer will lead to another layer – ceremonies to honour The Great Mother of many names and faces who was honoured for millenia before patriarchy attempted (unsuccessfully) to erase her story and image.  It is important to remember Her, not in order to re-introduce her in our current time and place, but to understand how a future matriculture can evolve.  This is part of disrupting heirarchical thinking and anthropocentrism.

Enjoy spring.

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2 Responses to Cultural Stories

  1. Tamara Franz says:

    Hi Irene;
    I sent you a message on Facebook, but perhaps you don’t log in very often. Or it may have been screened and hidden under your message requests. Would like to re-connect and perhaps do some work and learning with you again, if you still offer that kind of thing.

    • Irene Friesen Wolfstone says:

      Hi Tamara
      I did not get your message on Facebook. Tell me a little more about the type of work you would like to do.

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