This e-book is designed like a dakini temple with 64 niches.  8 is the square root of 64, so  each of the 8 chapters is divided into 8 sections.  My circular home uses the same schema with 64 trusses.  This is a work on progress; some pages are under construction and this table of contents is not always current.

Chapter 1.  Climate Change Adaptation

(under construction)

Chapter 2.  Necrophilia: deconstructing the Western Paradigm

  1. Death of nature
  2. Matricide
  3. Dominance
  4. Death of God and the Loss of cosmology
  5. Silencing the Other
  6. Monoculture
  7. Capitalism 
  8. Disavowal of climate change (under construction)

Chapter 3. The Space In-Between

  1.  Reconnect with Nature
  2. Know and Be Elementally
  3. Celebrate Mothers (under construction)
  4. Imagine! Tell new Stories (under construction)
  5. Explore the Transpersonal
  6. Flow with continuums  (under construction)
  7. Learn Transgressively
  8. Become political

Chapter 4.  Natality: building a paradigm of creativity

  1. Regeneration & creativity
  2. Mothering, birthing, personhood
  3. Reclaiming matriculture
  4. Cultural cosmology
  5. Valuing diversity
  6. Relationality
  7. Sharing Economy
  8. Agentially Political

Chapter 5.  Cultural Stories of Natality

  1. Guna Yala: Becoming by design
  2. Birthing and midwifery in ancient Rome
  3. Tamazight matriculture in north Africa
  4. Malta: Sky Mother of Mnajdra (coming soon)
  5. Q’ero praxis of reciprocity
  6. Himalayas: Durga, diversity and food sovereignty
  7. Buryatia: ensouling
  8. Inuit Sedna and rituals of reciprocity
  9. Cybele – Great Mother of the Mediterranean (coming soon)
  10. Amazons of Africa and Asia (coming in 2017)

Chapter 6. Ceremonies  (under construction)

Chapter 7.  A Creative Life

Chapter 8.  Theory Mandala

  1. Hannah Arendt – political philosophy of natality
  2. Owen Barfield – philosophy of the evolution of consciousness
  3. PostAnthropocentric theories
  4. Matriculture Theory
  5. Transpersonal Theory
  6. Decolonization Theory
  7. Cultural Studies
  8. EcoFeminist Philosophy

Extra Narrative Pages through hyperlink

  • Becky
  • Martin
  • Willa
  • Karlos
  • Dogon

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