Matricultures presentation at CGCER

This week-end I made a presentation about Matricultures and Climate Change Porosity at the CGCER conference in Edmonton.  I am grateful for many inquiries and for support.

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  1. Susan Diane Mitchell says:

    Peace Irene,

    My name is Susan, and I am deeply interested in your teachings, drinking in anything I can find that you have written. Thank you so much for this vanguard work, which I find a parallel work in some ways to what I have been doing and organizing as theory and praxis for the last 10 years or so, most pronouncedly in the last seven. I Googled matriculture as a word I pt together to ee what came up, and not ony was I so pleased to find your word and an articulation of the term that is in synch with my own worldview. Please share your presentation with us here following you, and I look forward to corresponding with you more and more in the future.

    • Irene Friesen Wolfstone says:

      I greet you, Susan Diane. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I would like to hear more about your work on matricultures. I credit Tina Passman (1993) for coining the word and I usually use it in plural form to signify that there are many and diverse mother-centred cultures. Here is a link to some theoretical work on matriculltures buried deep inside my website: I view Heidi Goettner-Abendroth as the leading theorist and am so grateful for her lifework. The web-chapter on matricultures ( is a work in progress and the subject of my PhD studies at University of Alberta, where I focus on indigenous matricultures in Canada. If you would like to exchange academic papers, please email me at wolfston(at) Enjoy today. Irene

      • Susan Diane Mitchell says:

        Thank you for responding! I am so pleased to read your response. I would love to exchange information–I have some writings and online blog talk radio presentation, but not to to degree of doctoral studies, although the doctoral study I began in 2013 is based in indigeneity and a mother-centric worldview as envisioned by a teacher named Mira Alfassa and her mate, Richard, known as The Mother. The California Institute of Integral Studies was founded upon the teachings of the practices, yoga, developed by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The spirit of the school and especially the program of Transformative Studies that I was enrolled in focuses on an integral approach, and from the integral approach I resonated with a centrality of being, primacy of awareness and organic human order that is egalitarian and based in matricultural values. Thank you so much for the herstory of the word matriculture. I would love to study your work as I continue to learn and be inspired by other matricultural thought leaders. Indeed, I have learned so much from Heidi Goettner Abendroth, and others. The California Institute of Integral Studies has Riane Eisler as an adjunct faculty member, though I did not take her class. her book, The Chalice and the Blade is an argument toward a more egalitarian culture, though she does not seem to venture out into matriculture in its truest sense, or as I understand it. Thank you, and may we continue correspond through email –my address is:

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