Keywords in Matricultures Studies

This is a living document.  Keywords will be added periodically and definitions will be adjusted as my research progresses.



Matricultures – A non-hierarchical paradigm that values the maternal, in its literal & metaphoric meanings, and elevates mothering for its contribution to culture and continuity (Passman 1993).

Matriarchies –

  • Founded on maternal values, they are socially egalitarian, economically balanced, embedded in spirituality, and based on consensus politics (Goettner-Abendroth, 2013).
  • A balanced social paradigm in which both sexes play roles founded on maternal social principles. As symbolic originators, women in their roles as mothers are responsible for regeneration and for knitting the fabric of a community (Sanday, 2008).

Rematriation – the contemporary movement by indigenous cultures to reclaim and reconstruct their matricultures – a movement that follows from the deconstruction of patriarchy and colonialism (Muthien, 2011).