Sojourners in The Space Between

The process of breaking free from Capitalism’s structure of domination is long and challenging, but our intent is clear: we are returning to Spiraling Time in order to participate in Regeneration and contribute to a pro-Life future.

Each of these 5 steps contributes to resilience and adaptive capacity along the journey. The steps are not sequential. You can start where you are comfortable and travel at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Become Conscious. Become aware of the oppression caused by greed. Re/Member the stories that were erased from history books. Imagine equality in a real world. Here is music to inspire the journey: Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s La Vita.

Return to Spiraling Time. Think of all things as animated in timespace; nothing is static. Consider how the past lives on in your present. Imagine slow time. Here is music to inspire the journey:  “Returning” by Jennifer Berezan recorded in the Hypogeum in Malta.

Practise Generosity. Give something away every day – a smile, a helping hand, a song, or that stuff in your closets that you have not used in years.  Imagine an economy where no kin are left behind. To inspire the journey, learn about a sharing economy in Canada: Kwakwaka’wakw potlatch.

Treasure generative forces, such as mothers and plants.  Enjoy composting. Imagine flourishing for the next 7 generations.  To inspire the journey, watch the movie “Signs Out of Time: The story of archeologist Marija Gimbutas”.

Care with Earth.  Listen with empathy to earth kin. Grow food with love and protect water fiercely. Trace the water from your kitchen tap back to its source and make a ritual of gratitude there. We flattened the curve on COVID-19.  Imagine what it would take to flatten the curve on CO2 in the atmosphere.  Here is an image to fuel the journey:

Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0,