Cultural Continuity

Culture is collective. It will take collective action to make the radical changes required for cultural continuity in the Western world.

In my view, these radical steps require large-scale political change – A Paradigm Shift. These five dynamics of cultural continuity are integrated, so we have to work on all of them at the same time.

Believing – Reclaiming Cosmology

Relating with Living Earth as Kin

Regenerating – the Maternal Principle

Welcoming Difference

Sharing – The Law of Generosity

  • It will take courage. Who are the courageous leaders of massive change in our world today?
  • Our schools will need to develop a generation of visionary and creative leaders for this massive change project.
  • I welcome your comments as a way of expanding the ideas and compiling the wisdom that already exists out there.

Are you interested in contributing to the research?

In Spiraling Story of Culture and Climate, I identified these five dynamics in the cultures that regenerated after a historical climate event based on a literature review. We need more research to confirm my hypothesis and develop the theory. You are welcome to add links or readings in the feedback box below.

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    good work

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