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POTTERY8_Gaia's Children
Gaia’s Children Permission to reproduce.  Potters are permitted to reproduce Gaia’s Children on condition that at least $1 from the sale of each pot is donated to a local environmental project that mitigates climate change.

Specifications for producing Gaia’s Children:

Throwing. Use reconstituted (recycled) clay to throw small pots (2-3 inches in diameter) with narrowed rim.

Incising. At leather hard stage, incise the repetitive image around the belly of the pot as follows:

  • heads (using round incising tool)
  • legs as inverted V (using triangle incising tool)
  • arms as V connecting two heads
  • Optional:  Attach a rolled handle horizontally at the rim

Glazing. Use a matte earth-tone glaze that ‘breaks’ over the incised pattern.

Education. Insert a tiny scroll into each finished pot with these words:

Gaia’s Children These little pots made of recycled clay hold three big hopes:that the people of the worldwillcooperatetoreduce climate change,that we find joy in small things as we reduce consumption,that we recycle more and take pride in re-using.

$1 from the sale of this pot is donated to (your green project).

Created by (artist name, and contact info). Original design by Irene Friesen. Reproduced with permission.


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