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17Image_FlourishingThe Paradigm of Natality opens possibilities for new beginnings.  In practising Natality, we midwife hope by bringing to light an alternative way of being.  Natality has eight cornerstones. In this section, we explore sharing communities.

Sharing communities develop practises of caring that help all beings flourish.  The community designs ways to practise a sharing economy, generosity and hospitality; thus disrupting capitalism in the dominant paradigm.

As we spiral toward conscious participation with nature, we begin to learn from indigenous cultures on how to engage with nature in reciprocal relationality.  Settlers begin to learn from indigenous communities to build a balanced life, collectively and inclusively.  This is the direction of cultural continuity and climate change adaptation.  We explore communitas, the good life, buen vivir and mino bimaatisiiwin.

17_child with worldGrace M. Jantzen writes that if we love the world, as Arendt loved the world, we take responsibility for creating justice that allows each natal to flourish and to continue generating new ideas.  Justice as a shared responsibility to sustain and re-create the social and political world and to enable mutual flourishing (Jantzen, 1999, p.246).

Jantzen starts with the premise that every person who has ever lived has been born, and born of a woman.  Birth is more fundamental to existence than death because death presupposes birth.  She urges us to imagine new signs and symbols of natality that disrupt the masculinist necrophilic paradigm.

Grace Jantzen’s philosophy of natality is life-affirming; it contributes notions of justice, flourishing and love for the world to a theoretical framework of natality, and opens the discussion on pantheism as a spiritual cosmology of natality.  I treasure Grace M. Jantzen for her courage.  Born into a conservative Mennonite family, like me, she disrupted the patriarchal systems of her culture to develop a feminist perspective of religion. Through her work, she introduced me to Hannah Arendt and Adriana Cavarero and the notions of natality and necrophilia.

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Reflection:  Envision a community that if full of life. It is flourishing.  Every birth and every new initiative is celebrated.  What are some holistic strategies that made this possible?

Cultura de Natalidad, a culture of Natality, celebrates imagination and creativity in the work of many artists and scholars. Just follow the links.


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