1- Climate Change Adaptation

 Chapter 1 – Climate Change Adaptation

If anthropogenic climate change (ACC) represents the apex of the Western culture of death, then we must accept that necrophilic Western civilization is catapulting us toward mass extinction.

However, if like me, you hang on to thin ropes of hope that we can build a new culture that is adaptive to climate change, then I invite you to join me in the search for a future paradigm that cherishes life and creativity – a paradigm of natality.

I am convinced that the ‘way out’ of the climate crisis must be different that the ‘way in’; therefore, a framework for climate change adaptation (CCA) involves a radical change in how we think and how we are in this world that we call home. I propose that a paradigm of natality offers a radical ‘way out’ – a new way to think and be. It requires a shift from anthropocentric values to ecocentric values.  That is the purpose of this website.

This chapter addresses these questions:

Cultures that valorize death invest in militarism, security and fossil fuels, while cultures that value birth and creativity invest in ecological relationships, maternal health and child care as well as art.

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